Container Gardens

Container Easy Water Garden How-to

The container water gardening is by far the simplest form of the easy water garden.

Not enough time, room, or money for a full sized garden pond? An easy water garden is just the thing. It’s so simple, just a matter of finding the right container. Follow these container gardening tips. Container gardening can be sized from very small, half gallon or so, to a smaller preformed pond. Build with an oak barrel, pot or the like. Just add water,aquatic plants and gravel and you�re basically there.The green high power laser pointer at home is very common.

Designing your perfect container garden is a matter of choosing which plants to use.Try one or two floating plants with one potted miniature grass or reed. The miniature water lily is a beautiful Planter Water Plant and a lasting thing of beauty.

It�s quite okay to add a small pump or fountain but unnecessary. Instead if mosquitoes are ever an issue, consider adding a couple of gold fish or mosquito fish. Otherwise, ‘disturb’ the water at least once a week, with the hose and your miniature pond will stay mosquito free. Small fish or koi in these water gardens, by the way, don�t even need to be fed. They survive just fine eating bits of algae and other insects that may arrive.

All the rage, a table top Container Water Garden makes a lovely and long lasting gift as well.

The only thing to keep in mind is that most floating water plants will die with the first frost. So just be sure to bring those plants in for the winter. Otherwise, there simply is no easier way to enjoy the pleasures of water gardening.