Mosquito Control

Controlling Pond Mosquitoes

Pond mosquitoes will ruin the pleasing effects of a waterfall garden pond like nothing else. But as I�ve said so many times before, a properly designed water feature should never have a bunch of problems, mosquitos not with standing. In fact, standing water in an old tire will produce ten times the mosquitos that a well designed water feature will.

But it is true that a mosquito can survive in a tablesopoon of water, but only if it’s not flowing.

Mosquitos thrive only in stagnant, poorly circulated water. All water should flow from one end to the other and plumbed back again with no �dead spots�. Also, it is important that water garden plants don�t get too thick creating stagnant areas.

Some water features will inevitably create areas where mosquitos will survive. Often other predators can keep the population at bay, like dragonflies and mayflies.

By far the easiest way to deal with mosquitoes is to disturb with the hose, all of the edges and dead spots at least once a week.Simply spray it down, and it will disrupt their life cycle. It takes approximately one week for the larvae to develop. This according to the California Dept. of Health.

If this isn’t a good option for you, another effective cure would be the use of mosquito �Dunks�. Small floating donuts that contain a harmless bacteria that inhibits the pond mosquitos ability to grow wings, thus ending the cycle.

Otherwise, mosquito fish or even gold fish can be effective at eliminating any problems.

The mosquito should never be a deterrent from enjoying the wonderful world of water gardening.

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