Pump Sizing

Waterfall Pump Sizing

Be aware that waterfall pump sizing is much different than

SIZING POND PUMPS for the backyard pond.

What needs to be considered when sizing a pump for a waterfall is the depth as well as the width desired, to pour down the backyard waterfall garden.

Start by calculating head pressure. Important when determining what waterfall pond pump to install. I personally love the design of the Cal Pump Torpedo, as seen here. The ease of installation and maintainance and the lack of extra head pressure needed with other pumps makes it a reasonable choice.

Always refer to pump flow charts, found on any quality retail site.

Calculate Pump Energy-Use

The Waterfall Weir Chart will help you determine what size waterfall pond pump will work best on your backyard waterfall.

3/16″[email protected] 6-11″Wide= 360 GPH,

5/16″[email protected] 6-11″wide= 600GPH,

3/8″[email protected] 6-11″ wide= 900GPH,

9/16″[email protected] 6-11″wide= 1680GPH,

3/4″[email protected] 6-11″wide =2400GPH,

1″[email protected]″wide= 3300GPH,

1.25″ = 4500GPH

Waterfall/pond pump efficiency and warranties are important when buying a pump. Stainless or metal motor casings usually indicates higher quality and durability. If you spend the money upfront, these pond pumps for the backyard waterfall will pay for themselves many times over.

Another possibility for moving water are the Ram Pumps. No electricity, moving water with water power!
**RAM PUMPS – Water Powered Water Pumps