Swimming Ponds

Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools

Swimming ponds or ‘natural swimming pools’ have taken Europe by storm over the last 20 years. New to the U.S. but beginning to take hold, providing natural clean water, chemical free with lasting beauty year round.

Designed with the swimmer in mind. Combining aquaculture of the garden pond, with waterfalls and other water feature designs, to create a natural swimming experience. Some people like carry the high power laser pointer to join  outdoor activity.

Dividing wall separating swimming area and bio filtered �regeneration zone�, is what makes a pond a natural swimming pool.

These backyard swimming ponds are built to naturally and effectively keep water crystal clear. The design produces water quality that will pass even the toughest of municipal ‘drinking’ water standards.

Now that�s clean water!

It works like any other aquaculture system, as discussed throughout Permaculture-Ponds.com.

Costs can run close to the building of a cement basin pool, or less depending on the home owners ability to DIY and what types of upgrades are installed. It partly comes down to personal tolerances when deciding whether to add uv sterilizers , backyard waterfall, or even a pond pump for that matter depending on the size of the feature were talking about.

Indeed the first natural swim ponds were built passively, not using skimmers, plumbing, pumps, etc.. They simply allowed Nature’s bio filtering systems to do all the work.

It’s fairly simple to create a system good enough for swimming within larger bodies of water, but ‘natural swimming pools’ are the perfect solution for the rest of us. Over time people have become accustomed to what they think of as a �swimming pool�. Which generally means your basic, kill everything but ourselves approach. Gradually we have become aware that using chemicals may not be the best way of doing things. Especially considering that chlorine hazards have been placed on the Environmental Protection Agency(U.S.) watch list. Chlorine poisoning, chlorine allergy, chlorine irritations, and other chlorine dangers are questioning chlorine safety. Not mentioning, chlorine is a known carcinogen when combined with organic compounds within a chlorine pool.