Easy Build Pond Aerators

Pond aerators have got to be the single most important component of any health water feature or water garden, if there is no waterfall. Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen! Not only will a nasty odor begin to fill the air without it, but nothing good can live in such an environment.

As I�ve talked about throughout this site, biological filtration is key to good filtration. This requires some type of pond aerator pump system or other mechanism.

This is where a backyard waterfall is especially useful. Even with a small garden waterfall pump on a larger pond, more oxygen may be required, and it certainly won�t hurt.

A pond blower is an idea for aquaculture features, but I don�t consider it the most efficient or practical option in most cases, unless on a lake pond or something of that nature.

There are other, cheaper and simpler options. One is windmill aeration. A nice addition but can be inconsistent depending on the backyard pond/waterfalls location for wind.I would only recommend one of these if you have other pond aerator systems in place and using the windmill aeration as backup. What I recommend for all backyard ponds and waterfall is �forced air�.

This is so simple. An open pipe running about a foot above water grade off of a T in the regular plumbing. Create aventuri with a smaller opening than the plumbing pipe size. You may want to put a curve at the top of the opening to keep debris from falling in.

The water that is being pumped back to the garden pond will draw in air thus aerating the water. I know it sounds strange but I assure you it works quite well. There are actually plumbing products on the market that follow the same concept, but in my opinion why bother buying something when this design is basically free.

Forced air alone may not be adequate, but in conjunction with a garden waterfall or other aerating components your pond should “breath” quite well.